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Terms & Conditions


Our Vision and Mission

Derringers Music (Pty Ltd ABN 89 067 468 311) and Drum Shop (62 098 692 534) is not just another music store but a service-oriented business that puts you and your music at the centre of everything we do. To meet your needs we offer thousands of products online and in our stores. At Derringers, we continually work to present highly competitive pricing and above all to be fair, reliable and prompt in our service, sales and advice. Our advertising and web store presents to you with the most popular and sought after goods. Every effort is made to preserve the relationship with you as a highly-valued and long-term customer.

Peace Of Mind

Derringers Music holds the most popular and sought after items in our stores and warehouse so we can quickly satisfy your purchase requirements. We are continuously replenishing our stock to maintain our goals of delivering timely service to you. However, occasionally items may be on back-order, or in the case of special orders, there may be a waiting time. In these cases we regularly keep you informed of the estimated delivery time or if the lead-time is long, offer you any available options. If you have an immediate need or a delivery time constraint, give us a quick call prior to your purchase. Whether you are purchasing in-store or online, our aim is to give you peace of mind with your purchases. Your music enjoyment and satisfaction is our primary aim.

Pricing and Availability
Derringers Music sells most instruments and accessories below the Manufacturer's Suggested or Recommended Retail Price (MSRP/RRP). Unfortunately, some retailers give an unrealistic expectation of huge discounts below the MSRP/RRP and falsely advertise and mislead customers. These unscrupulous retailers often do not hold stock or occasionally only a single item in stock. They falsely advertise, hoping that if your intended instrument is out of stock that you will purchase a more expensive alternative. This is called "customer baiting" and is an unscrupulous practice. Derringers Music does not engage this or in any misleading or deceptive advertising. As a customer of Derringers Music you are highly-valued by us and look forward to life-long relationship with you.

Please see our webstore and ground pricing information below to understand any potential pricing differences you might see.

Special Promotions

Occasionally, Derringers Music will provide limited quantities for product promotions where we have been able to secure special prices from our supplier and manufacturing partners. With these special promotions, we will clearly identify real and valuable lower prices for available stock that we have on hand.

These promotions may be for a limited time and/or only apply while stocks last.

When an Item is Not Immediately Available

When an instrument or accessory is not available and we are not able to meet your required time constraints, we try to offer all possible solutions. We will contact you and aim to find and agree upon an acceptable delivery date. Or at your request, we try to offer equal or similar products as an alternative to your original choice. For example, a particular instrument may be available in an alternate colour. We are involved in a highly dynamic industry and products change, are upgraded, and in some cases become obsolete. Derringers Music cannot guarantee that every product will be in-stock all of the time but we take every measure to ensure our advertising and web store reflects the currently available stock. If we cannot satisfy your need, or you are not completely satisfied, or we cannot find a suitable alternative, or you are unable to wait for a later delivery then we will cheerfully refund the purchase amount in full.

Web Store and Ground Store Pricing Information

Every effort is made to marry ground store pricing as closely as possible to our online advertised pricing. As the website is fluid and can be updated ad-hoc, you may find differences. Please understand ground store costs of consultation, multiple staff, utility bills, rent and huge stock levels necessitate a surcharge that may render the goods dearer than a direct to cart online purchase. We are always negotiable in-store and endeavour to keep the difference minimal. Should you be in-store and have seen online pricing which differs to a price shown in store, please make mention to our personnel. You are always entitled to the lower of the two prices where not part of an unambiguous online-only promotion.

Price Errors

All effort is made to have every item priced correctly. Unfortunately, very occasional errors happen and an item may be incorrectly marked. Should product price be in error (for example: below our costs, obsolete, technical error on the webstore or point of sale) it is an honest mistake. In such circumstances where we have made an honest mistake, Derringers Music reserves the right to refuse a sale and refund in full your cart purchase and payment inclusive of ancillary bank charges. Thankfully, such occurrences are very rare, but we are human and are not infallible. Even in such cases, we put you first. Your refund will be total.

Descriptions, Specifications and Images

Every musical instrument and accessory manufacturer includes the disclaimer that "specifications are subject to change without notice." Derringers Music takes every possible effort to ensure the descriptions, specifications and images depicting a product are accurate. When the pictures are unavailable we will often state that the image is for "representative purposes only" or in the case of a left-handed instrument, may state "right-handed equivalent image shown. However, due to the manufacturer's disclaimer and the rapidly changing nature of the music industry, Derringers Music does not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the information on the website or advertising material and will not be responsible for any typographical errors or errors in prices, illustrations, pictures or descriptions. While we make every effort for accuracy, pictures of products are provided for illustration only, may not be pictures of the actual item purchased, and your purchase may differ from the picture shown. Should you require photos, images, and further description of the goods intended to be purchased we are happy to assist. Just give us a call and we will arrange what you need.
All item descriptions, images, product logos, availability and pricing are subject to change at any time without notice, errors and omissions excepted. Product specifications are subject to change and are provided at the discretion of the manufacturer. While every attempt has been made to accurately portray the product, some variations may occur.

Confirming Exact Specifications, Features and Colour

Product specifications can and do change without notice from the manufacturer, and Derringers does its best to maintain the accuracy of specifications and imagery presented on the webstore. If you notice an error or out of date product, please inform us by email at this link so that we may rectify it.

Please check details such as colour options with your salesperson before proceeding with the final purchase. If in any doubt, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that any purchase decisions are based on current information by calling 08 83711884 or emailing the team
Product images are for representation only and may not be the actual item purchased. Where specifics are sought with regard in particular to fretted instruments’ timber grain patterns, serial numbers, colour nuances and the like it is prudent to ask for exact match photos of the item considered for purchase prior to purchasing.


On receipt of cleared payments, in-stock and available goods are typically shipped within 3 business days. In the case of back-orders or goods requiring transport from an off-site facility, despatch typically occurs within 3 business days of goods receipt by the store. Please note times of high consumer demand/peak consumer periods may impact on dispatch times.
International orders are not available. For more information about shipping options, costs and terms please click here to see our delivery information page.

Credit Card Owner Verification

Upon receipt of payment for goods, we reserve the right to verify the purchaser as the rightful owner of the credit card by which payment has been made prior to dispatching the goods. A simple process of verification assists in protecting rightful card owners from having stolen card or card details misused fraudulently. You may receive correspondence from a team member informing you of the process after your purchase. We simply require permission to refund a nominal figure (usually a few cents) to the purchasing card. The card owner must then correctly confirm the refunded amount as seen (e.g. by checking a web banking interface). Once confirmed, authentication is complete and the goods will be released. Should you be uncomfortable with this process in any way, we are happy to seek other general details to assist us in proceeding with the transaction. Please assist us in halting fraudulent card abuse!


Prior approval must be obtained before any product is returned. If seeking to return a purchased item, please contact us by calling 08 83711884 or emailing the team. Returned goods are to be exchanged for replacement items where available, or store credit will be issued for purchasing other items. Refunds are at the discretion of the manager. A product may be returned subject to the following:

  • The product is faulty
  • The product is not the product ordered
  • The product does not perform to the Manufacturer’s specification

Conditions of Return

  • Items must be returned within 7 days of receipt (freight allowing)
  • The original sales docket or tax invoice must accompany the return
  • Items must be returned in original packaging
  • Returns with opened packaging will only be accepted:
    • If the goods are faulty
    • If any items that Derringers Music despatch are damaged in transit
  • Items must have no marks or scratches
  • Any costs incurred in returning items to Derringers Music are the responsibility of the purchaser.

If a refund is sought and once the item is returned and authorised, Derringers Music will refund the amount within 1 to 3 business days. Depending on the Financial institution, the refund transfer can take additional time.

Finance fees charged/refunds

Should you purchase using your preferred finance option and later request a refund due to "change of mind" you agree Derringers Music may withhold associated finance fees.

Australian Consumer Law

For the avoidance of doubt, no part of these Terms or Derringers' Returns Policy excludes the operation of your rights under the Australian Consumer Law. If you purchase a product from us and it has a fault, we will either provide you with a replacement or a refund.

If you are concerned that a product you have received from us is faulty, please contact us as soon as possible.

Privacy Statement

Derringers Music is committed to upholding your privacy and providing transparency and control over personal information collected during your visit to this website, including any data collected from social media, phone calls and in-person while visiting our store. Our Privacy Policy describes generally how we manage your personal information and safeguard your privacy.Please read our 'Privacy Policy'' for a complete statement.


All item descriptions, images, product logos, availability and pricing are subject to change at any time without notice, errors and omissions excepted. Product specifications are subject to change and are provided at the discretion of the manufacturer. While every attempt has been made to accurately portray the product, some variations may occur.