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Yamaha HS7 Active Monitor Speaker [SINGLE]

Yamaha HS7 Active Monitor Speaker [SINGLE]

Yamaha HS7 Active Monitor Speaker SINGLE

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Keep your sound in check in the recording booth with this pair of Yamaha HS7 active studio monitors. Each high-performance monitor is engineered to reproduce sound with maximum accuracy, so you always have an honest point of reference for mixing and laying tracks.

Each part of the HS7 monitors is engineered to eliminate sonic interference, so you can rest assured that the sound you hear in the studio is true to life. A sophisticated dome tweeter ensures precision in the highest frequencies, and a large cone woofer delivers defined low bass lines at any volume level. The tweeter and woofer come with perfectly matched power amps to reduce feedback. A carefully designed enclosure encases the monitors' electronic and physical components, offering protection and killing unwanted frequencies that can sabotage clarity. What''s more, with the room-control and high-trim response controls, you can adjust the monitors to suit the layout of your studio and minimize distortion.

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