Zoom R16 Portable Recorder (FXR016)

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Zoom R16 Portable Recorder (FXR016)

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Zoom R16 Portable Recorder (FXR016) - Description

Derringers Music is proud to present the Zoom R16 Portable Recorder (FXR016). Record a full band, absolutely anywhere. The remarkable Zoom R16 represents a breakthrough in portable multitrack recording; a true digital sixteen-track with eight-channel-simultaneous tracking, eight transparent mic preamps, onboard sound sculpting, effects and mastering processes, and the ability to run for over five hours off six AA batteries. This unit represents a significant value in multitrack recording for any serious musician, but the wonders of the Zoom R16 don't stop with portable multitracking; hook the R16 up to your computer via USB and it becomes an 8-channel audio interface and control surface for your recording software. Record basic tracks with the Zoom R16 in your rehearsal space, at live shows, or abandoned warehouses, then take the tracks back to your home studio and use the R16 to mix and produce a polished song in record time. If you've got a band that's got songs, you need a Zoom R16. Full Band Recording With The R16With sixteen tracks and eight channels of recording at once, the Zoom R16 has what it takes to capture exciting full band recordings. Derringers Music is an Authorised Australian Dealer for Zoom recording products and accessories.

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Zoom R16 Portable Recorder (FXR016) - Features

Full Band Recording With The R16
With sixteen tracks and eight channels of recording at once, the Zoom R16 has what it takes to capture exciting full band recordings. When it comes to recording rock, metal, pop, punk, etc., the real channel-hog is the drums. A minimum of four channels is typically required to record decent sounding drum tracks: a mic each for the kick and snare, and a pair of overhead condenser mics to capture cymbals and toms. Plug the condensers into channels 5 and 6 (these channels provide true 48v phantom power) and then connect the snare and kick mics. That's enough to fill the quota on most recorders at this price range, but with the R16 you'll still have four more channels to record (for example) two guitars, bass, and vocals. After your first pass, switch to the second channel bank and record overdubs on 9 through 16. . . you'll be able to craft a veritable rock symphony. (If you want even more tracks, a second Zoom R16 can be linked and synched to the first for sixteen simultaneous tracks of recording and a total of 32 tracks for mixing!) As you're tracking, make use of the R16's complement of "insert" effects, like compression, reverb, and mic and amplifier emulation. These tracking effects get "printed" to the recording medium--super-affordable and reliable SD cards up to 32GB in capacity--and there's a separate group of effects dedicated to mixing. You can do all your mixing and even mastering on the Zoom R16 itself, but the real magic happens when you plug the R16 into a computer.

Just Add Computer For Instant Studio
When connected to any computer with a USB port (Mac or PC) the Zoom R16 becomes both a high-resolution, eight-input audio interface and complete control surface for your recording software. You even get balanced outputs for hooking up top-notch monitor speakers and a dedicated input/playback mix control for direct monitoring capabilities. If you've never experienced mixing a session with a tactile control surface instead of a mouse, the Zoom R16 will be a revelation. With full transport controls, a scrub wheel, and eight faders for setting channel volumes and writing automation, the R16 will have you crafting your music like a musician instead of a programmer. Because it also acts as an audio interface, you can keep adding overdubs when your in the studio to the tune of eight channels at once. Say you get a song to a great place, but it just needs a little something extra, you'll instantly be able to add some keyboard, extra vocals, tasty guitar licks, a full choir, a symphony orchestra--get crazy! You don't even need any mics in your studio, since the R16 has a pair of condensers built right into the front of the unit. That's right; on top of everything else, the R16 is a high-quality, stereo USB microphone! It ships with Cubase LE, but the Zoom R16 works with almost any popular DAW, including SONAR, Record, Logic Pro, and many more.

Portability Means Flexibility
Full band recording isn't the only thing the R16 can do. Because it's battery-powered, has built-in microphones, and records on affordable SD media, the Zoom R16 lets you capture audio just about anywhere. Use it for complex film shoots, ambient field recording, theatre work, experimental audio applications, or, well, just let your imagination run wild!

Since its introduction in 2009, the R16 quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the recording market, and its not hard to see why. An incredible wealth of features, tons of recording channels, functionality as a controller and audio interface for computer-based recording, and a price that's pretty darn hard to beat, especially when you order it from zZounds! The R16 is the multitrack recorder every musician needs.

Manufacturer's Description for Zoom R16 Multi-Track SD Recorder Interface and Controller

Zoom has revolutionized digital recording again with the first digital recorder with 16-track playback and 8-track simultaneous recording that utilizes Secure Digital (SD) memory. The new R16 recorder is three production tools in one incredibly versatile device. It's a digital multi-track recorder, an audio interface and a control surface, providing you with all the tools necessary to create studio-quality recordings anywhere.

The R16 combines a remarkable level of functionality with exceptionally intuitive design. For recording purposes, the unit supports up to 32GB SD cards, allowing over 100 track hours of recording. The flexibility of SD recording not only makes the R16 lighter and more portable, it also ensures increased reliability with no concern for a crashing hard drive. You can even have respective SD cards dedicated to specific recording sessions. Back up your project on a USB memory stick.

With the ability to record up to 8 tracks simultaneously, it's easy to capture a live band or even a complete drum kit. The R16 features built-in stereo condenser microphones for field recording or quick, convenient "sketch-pad" capturing of ideas and rehearsals. It also provides 8 combination XLR-1/4-inch inputs along with one Hi-Z input for direct connection of guitar or bass. And the R16 also runs on 6 AA batteries for the ultimate in multi-track portability.

USB operation means you can control each function of your favorite DAW software from the R16 for easy mixing with fine-tuned control. Incorporate any of the 100+ built-in studio effects to enhance your recording and use the pro-quality mastering effects to complete that studio sound. You can even connect two R16s via USB for synchronized operation and 16 tracks of simultaneous recording.

With the new Zoom R16, versatility, control and comprehensive features come together in a single device that puts the power to produce professional recordings right at your fingertips.

Using the Zoom R16 for Music

It's a Recorder...
With the ability to record up to 8 tracks simultaneously, the R16 is perfect for recording everything: from music production and rehearsals to field recording and live performances. The R16 also features the same built-in stereo condenser microphones found on an H4 for convenient "sketch-pad" capturing of ideas or rehearsals.

Use the Hi-Z inputs for direct connection of guitar or bass, and get rocking with built-in guitar and bass amp and effects models. When your masterwork is ready, you can use over 100 built-in studio effects to enhance your tracks and use the pro-quality mastering effects to complete that studio sound.

It's an Interface.
The R16 is more than a multi-track recorder. It's also a powerful workstation when using USB power for studio operation. Connect the R16 to your laptop or desktop computer via USB, launch your favorite DAW or use the included Cubase LE 4, and start laying down your production tracks. With the 8 balanced, combination XLR-1/4-inch inputs 2 outputs (8 x 2), you can record high-definition, 24-bit/96kHz audio (2 x 2). Use the R16's built-in effects as you lay down tracks on your computer.

It's a Controller!
Computers bring incredible control and power to the recording process, but they're not very intuitive when it comes to mixing. And mixing makes the music. So, when you're ready to mix, the R16 is right there with you. With its USB operation, you can control the functions of your DAW software from the R16 for easy mixing with fine-tuned control. No more mixing with a mouse! The R16's intuitive, mixing console feel, and LED meter bridge makes mixing your tracks a pleasure.

Using the Zoom R16 for Video Applications

For media and filmmakers, the R16 makes it easy to record audio with booms, handheld mics or up to 8 lavaliers with wireless setups. Great for sound effects recording or anyone looking for multiple audio feeds in a remote environment, the R16 is lightweight, portable solution to your location video shoot needs.

Location shoots
Perfect for shooting on location, the R16 is well-suited for corporate event shoots where there are multiple speakers, industrials, education settings, talk shows or panel discussions where you don't want to compromise audio quality even with budget limitations that pervade today's media environment.

Of course, the R16 includes a stereo headphone output for continuous monitoring and with the LED meter bridge, its easy to be sure all your levels are set appropriately for the source.

Good to Go...
Best of all, the R16 will operate for almost 5 hours on 6 standard AA batteries, making it convenient to run on location without the added complication of charging battery packs. Use the R16 as a battery powered mixer, even when you're not recording!

Transfer large amounts of audio in no time with the USB 2.0 interface that makes the R16 a drag and drop time saver and a pleasure to use. That means less time in post is spent building up your project, especially when you're using the R16 to gather natural sound on a shoot.

Because the R16 is also a control surface, it becomes a convenient audio editing tool using a variety of video editing software packages such as Final Cut Pro. Or use the onboard mixer to create a mix on the fly and bounce to a stereo master using the built-in mastering effects to sweeten the tracks.

Ready for V/O
Sometimes a project calls for additional voiceover tracks, either on location as a "scratch track" or in the editing studio. And with phantom power, high-quality mic preamps and vocal effects onboard, the R16 is ready to roll in any situation.

Expand your horizons
Expandability is often a big part of using a piece of gear on location. With the R16, you can connect two R16 units via USB, one can be designated to function as the USB master and the other as the USB slave, allowing synchronized transport operation and recording on 16 tracks simultaneously.

Built-in high-sensitivity stereo microphones
When you want to quickly record natural sound or room audio from the location, the R16's built-in set of stereo mics will come in handy. Sound effects, speeches or dialog can be captured with excellent clarity.

With the R16, versatility, control and portability come together in one recorder that lets you produce professional results everywhere you go.zz


The Zoom range at Derringers represents a new generation of portable recording and studio solutions. Zoom produces a wide array of recording devices, including a line of portable “handy” recorders as well as multi-effects processors, effects pedals, drum machines and samplers. Over the past thirty years, the company has established a solid reputation as a manufacturer of innovative yet affordable products which are based on original microchip design


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